Tapas & Plates

The Meeting is above all human

We use authentic and traditional products from Spain Portugal and France.

Most of our products are from family producers passing on their tradition generation to generation.

The devotion to and love of our products are the base of any heathly and sustainable partnership.

Since the opening, we have worked directly with producers to assure the quality.


Accras de morue, Saumon gravlax, Chipirons, Poulpes, Fish n Chips, Roulés de bœuf…


Planche de la Mer, Charcuterie ibérique, basque & italienne, Fromages fermiers…


Humus, boulette courgette menthe, Patatas bravas, Burratina di Puglia, Foccacia à la truffe et Comté…

Homemade sweets​​

Panacotta, coulis de fruits rouges, Moelleux au chocolat, glace du jour, Tartelette aux fraises maison…